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Since 1987, Palomar Software has been developing Macintosh software in Oceanside, California.

About Our Site

Palomar is best known for:

  1. OEM printer drivers for Mac OS 7/8/9/X, developed for makers of Macintosh-compatible printers (such as Alps, HP), as well as fax-related products and services (e.g., STF, FaxSav, JFax)
  2. (Formerly) Retail printer drivers such as PLOTTERgeist and DesignPlot
  3. Palomar Queue Kit (used in #1 and #2)
  4. (Formerly) Utility products like On The Road, PICT Detective and Colorizer.

Today we do not sell directly to end users. However, our Downloads page is provided as a service to users of products distributed by our OEM customers, as well as those interested in our “antique software” freeware PICT Detective.

For more information about Palomar software click here. If you are looking for another Palomar, try here.

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