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Retail Products

Last updated May 17, 1999

In December 1993, Palomar Software announced that it was discontinuing its end-user software products to concentrate on OEM software development. At that time, Palomar made arrangements to assure the continuing support of its products. This is our most accurate understanding of the status of these products.

Palomar no longer sells or supports any end-user products; please correspond with the appropriate manufacturer for support. A limited number of software updates are available at this site for downloading.

Printer Drivers

Palomar sold all rights to its pen plotter products to InfoWave Wireless Messaging (formerly known as GDT Softworks). These products include:

  • PLOTTERgeist™: plotter driver for pen plotters (no longer sold or supported by InfoWave);
  • PLOTTERgeist ESP: vector plotter driver for inkjet plotters;
  • DesignPlot: raster plotter driver for inkjet plotters, combined with PLOTTERgeist ESP to form InfoWave’s PowerPlot.

If you are using a Palomar-developed printer driver for an OEM printer or fax modem company, you can obtain the latest version of

Utility Products

Palomar sold to Connectix Corporation all rights to the product

  • On the Road™: connectivity utility for the PowerBook. (It appears to be no longer supported).

In 1993, Palomar discontinued the following products:

  • Colorizer: our first product (but not actively marketed since 1990)
  • PICT Detective: a developer utility, which is now copyrighted freeware available for download
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