Company History

June 1987 - Joel West and Neil Rhodes begin discussions about forming a Macintosh software company.

July 1, 1987 - Palomar Software, Inc. is incorporated as a California corporation.


August 1987 - Palomar Software appears at the Macworld Expo in Boston to sell Colorizer, its brand-new utility.

November 1987 - Palomar Software moves its offices from Joel’s apartment to the garage of Neil’s new house in Oceanside.

January 1988 - Palomar ships PICT Detective, a QuickDraw debugging utility for Macintosh software developers.

March 1988 - Hewlett-Packard Company contracts with Palomar Software to develop a Macintosh printer driver for its PaintJet color printer. Now up to five employees, Palomar has outgrown the garage and moves to offices in an Oceanside industrial park.

April 1988 - Hewlett-Packard retains Palomar Software for technical assistance in developing printer drivers for its planned HP DeskWriter printer.

August 1988 - Palomar ships its version 2.0 update of PICT Detective.

January 19, 1989 - Hewlett-Packard releases its HP Color PrintKit for Macintosh Computers for its PaintJet color printer. It includes the first of several printer drivers developed by Palomar for HP.

July 1989 - STF Technologies licenses printer driver technology from Palomar for incorporation into its FaxSTF product.

July 1989 - Hewlett-Packard announces and ships its 300 dpi DeskWriter monochrome printer, which includes printer driver technology licensed from Palomar.

November 2, 1989 - PLOTTERgeist, a new software package offering high-quality plotter output directly from Macintosh applications is introduced at the Comdex Fall ’89 trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.


April 9, 1990 - PLOTTERgeist 1.0 is released at Macworld Expo San Francisco.

April 1990 - Hewlett-Packard announces the PaintWriter XL, its first color printer with AppleTalk® connectivity, featuring Palomar’s first network printer driver.

January 1991 - PLOTTERgeist receives a MacWEEK “Editor’s Choice“ award.

February 1991 - Hewlett-Packard announces its PaintWriter Macintosh color printer, incorporating a printer driver developed by Palomar.

May 1991 - PLOTTERgeist 2.0 is highlighted in Apple’s introduction of the TrueType font rendering technology of its System 7 operating system update. The new software, which also supports Adobe Type Manager, ships to users in June.

July 1991 - The KODAK DICONIX Color 4 printer is shipped with the Palomar Software-built driver.

August 1991 - Hewlett-Packard announces its first 300 dpi Macintosh color printer, the DeskWriter C, featuring an HP-developed printer driver based on Palomar’s driver technology.

December 1991 - Palomar releases PLOTTERgeist ESP, a package of printer drivers for the HP 7600 electrostatic plotter and the new HP DesignJet inkjet plotter.

May 1992 - Fuji Photo Film ships its Kaleida A1 large-format color inkjet printer, incorporating a Palomar-developed driver.

July 1992 - Palomar releases version 2.1 of its PLOTTERgeist pen plotter package, featuring support for vinyl cutters such as the Roland CAMM-1 and the Roland CAMM-2 engraving machine.


January 6, 1993 - At Macworld San Francisco, Palomar Software debuts its new connectivity utility for Macintosh PowerBook computers. On The Road provides PowerBook users with the ability to automatically defer printing and faxing while traveling.

May 1993 - Palomar updates On The Road to version 1.1, incorporating support for NetWare for Macintosh.

October 1993 - Connectix purchases all rights to On The Road and ships it as its own product.

October 1993 - Palomar releases DesignPlot, a high-performance EtherTalk and parallel RTL printer driver for HP's DesignJet plotter series.

December 1993 - GDT Softworks purchases all rights to PLOTTERgeist, PLOTTERgeist ESP and DesignPlot. Palomar Software discontinues retail sales and support to focus on designing OEM printer drivers.

January 4, 1995 - A winter storm dumps 1.2 inches of rain on Oceanside in one hour, causing the Loma Alta Creek to overflow and flood the Palomar offices. The company is forced to relocate to temporary quarters until its longtime offices are repaired.

July 1995 - Alps Electric releases its first MicroDry desktop color printer, the MicroDry 2000, which incorporates a Macintosh printer driver developed by Palomar Software.

March 9, 1996 - Palomar sponsors the NetDay96 Internet wiring efforts of two Oceanside schools, Lake Elementary School and Empresa Elementary School.

May 1996 - Palomar completes software for the new ALPS Electric MD-2010 and MD-4000 printers, the first Palomar driver to support Apple’s ColorSync® color matching software.

May 1997 - Palomar completes a Macintosh driver for FaxSav’s FaxLauncher online faxing service.

August 1997 - Alps releases its MD-2300, its first photographic quality (continuous tone) printer with a Palomar-developed driver.

September 1997 - Palomar completes the JFAX/Send Macintosh driver for JFAX Communications.

March 1998 - Fuji Photo Film ships its KaleidaPRO 54 large-format inkjet printer with driver developed by Palomar Software.

November 1997 - Joel and Elizabeth West are honored by the Oceanside Unified School District Board of Education “for meritorious service in supporting technology for all students of OUSD,” as a consequence of earlier NetDay activities.

July 1998 - At Macworld Expo New York, Alps Electric demonstrates its new USB connectivity solution developed by Palomar for the Alps MD-1300 color printer.

October 1998 - Alps Electric releases its USB Interface Kit for MD-5000, MD-1300 and MD-1000 printers in Japan. (Released in the U.S., November 1998)

January 1999 - SmithMicro Software ships MacCommCenter Plus 3.0 incorporating printer driver technology licensed from Palomar.

[deskjet 970]August 30, 1999 - Hewlett-Packard Company announces its DeskJet 970C USB printer, incorporating Macintosh printer software developed by Palomar.

January 5, 2000 - Hewlett-Packard Company announces its DeskJet 1220C tabloid-sized color printer, which uses updated HP DeskJet 3.0 software from Palomar. Meanwhile, Macworld magazine gives its “Eddy” award to the HP DeskJet 970C.

February 1, 2000 - Hewlett-Packard Company announces its DeskJet 950C, 930C and 840C color inkjet printers featuring drivers from Palomar.

April 18, 2000 - Hewlett-Packard Company announces the DeskJet 350C, a 600 dpi portable printer compatible with the Apple iBook and USB-equipped PowerBooks.

June 2000 - Hewlett-Packard Company announces its DeskJet 1125C tabloid-sized color printer sold in the Asia-Pacific region, which incorporates the DeskJet 3.2 software from Palomar.

September 5, 2000 - Hewlett-Packard Company announces its DeskJet 990C, PhotoSmart P1215 and PhotoSmart P1218 color inkjet printers featuring software from Palomar and Intriguing Development, Inc.

January 8, 2001 - Macworld magazine gives its “Eddy” award for best printer to the DeskJet 932c, which incorporates the Palomar Macintosh software.

March 24, 2001 - Apple ships Mac OS X, starting a decline in demand for Palomar’s proprietary Palomar Imaging Kit™ designed for Mac OS 6/7/8/9.

[awesome]August 2001 - Hewlett-Packard’s Photosmart P1218 wins “freakin’ awesome” award from MacAddict magazine.

August 2002 - Co-founder Joel West is elevated from president to chairman, delegating day-to-day operational control.

September 2, 2002 - Palomar is a co-sponsor of the Oceanside Labor Day Pier Swim.

July 2003 - Hewlett-Packard Company announces its next generation DeskJet 5150 and 5650 color inkjet printers, featuring Mac OS 8 software from Palomar.

[Swim Poster] September 6, 2004 - Palomar is one of two Platinum co-sponsors of Oceanside’s 75th Annual Labor Day Pier Swim.

September 7, 2004 - Konica Minolta releases its magicolor 5430 DL color laser printer with Mac OS 9 support from Palomar Software.

October 20, 2004 - Heavy rains flood sidewalks for first time since 1995, but water never touches sandbags protecting the entrance to Palomar offices.


December 31, 2004 - Palomar closes the offices it has occupied since March 1988 and relocates to San José.

January 5, 2005 - Konica Minolta releases its magicolor 2430 DL color laser printer with Mac OS 9 support from Palomar Software.

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