About Palomar Software

Like several other organizations in our area, Palomar Software takes its name from Palomar Mountain, one of the highest peaks in San Diego County – and the best known because of the world-famous Palomar Observatory located there.

Company History

Palomar Software, Inc. is a privately-held California corporation that was founded on July 1, 1987 and has been based in Oceanside, California since November 1987.

The company is a Macintosh-only developer of computer software and has specialized in printer drivers. It’s best known for supplying the code used in the HP DeskWriter series as well as various fax modems (such as FaxSTF and those from Diamond Multimedia). Palomar previously developed the PLOTTERgeist and PowerPlot products now sold and supported by InfoWave Wireless Messaging.

Palomar now develops printer drivers under contract for the major manufacturers of USB computer printers. These OEM printer makers need software to sell their printers to Macintosh owners. We do not sell or develop software for the general public.

For more a more detailed account of Palomar Software’s 17-year history, go to Palomar’s Company History page.

Contacting Palomar

Because Palomar does not market its products to the general public, we do not have a tech support or customer service department. We can be reached at:

Palomar Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 120
Oceanside, CA 92049-0120

Supporting Oceanside Schools

Palomar does not market its products to the K-12 education market. Thus we were often asked “Why are you spending so much time and money donating computers and wiring to local schools?“ (The question generally comes from those people who don’t volunteer themselves.) The answer is that we feel – as do the hundreds of other involved companies statewide – that understanding technology is essential for the state’s future workers and citizens.

Palomar’s donations included used computers, printers, and wiring during the 1996 NetDay event. Unlike larger firms, Palomar is unable to make an impact statewide, so we’ve chosen to concentrate our efforts in one community (Oceanside) where we work and live.

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