MIS Quarterly

Special Issue Workshop on:



Standard Making:

A Critical Research Frontier for
Information Systems


ICIS workshop


Seattle, December 12-14, 2003


Index of Papers


I. Graham, N. Pollock, A. Smart, R. Williams. Institutionalisation Of E-Business Standards


S. Gosain. Realizing The Vision For Web Services: Strategies For Dealing With Imperfect Standards


R. Chellappa, N. Saraf. Product Interoperability In The Enterprise Software Systems Industry: A Social Network Approach


N. Aggarwal, E. Walden. Monopoly Power In Standards Is A Myth


T. Weitzel. A Network ROI


L. Markus, C. Steinfield, R. Wigand. The Evolution Of Vertical IS Standards: Electronic Interchange Standards In The Us Home Mortgage Industry


H. De Vries, H. Verheul, H. Willemse. Stakeholder Identification In It Standardization Processes


F. Virili. Design, Sense-Making And Negotiation Activities In The ìWeb Servicesî Standardization Process


R. Beck, T. Weitzel, D. Beimborn, W. K–nig. The Network Effect Helix


P. Kotinurmi, J-M. Nurmilaakso, H. Laesvuori. Standardization Of XML-Based E-Business Frameworks


E. Jacucci, M. Grisot, M. Aanestad, O. Hanseth, Reflexive Standardization. Interpreting Side-Effects And Escalation In Standard-Making


R. Stegwee, B. Rukanova. Identification Of Different Types Of Standards For Domain-Specific Interoperability


W. F. Boh, D. Yellin, B. Dill, J. Herbsleb. Effectively Managing Information Systems Architecture Standards: An Intra-Organization Perspective


C. Albrecht, D. Dean, J. Hansen. Market Place And Technology Standards For B2B Ecommerce: Progress And Challenges


H. Jain, H. Zhao. A Conceptual Model For Comparative Analysis Of Standardization Of Vertical Industry Languages


M. Xia, K. Zhao. Open E-Business Standard Development And Adoption: An Integrated Perspective


J. Dedrick, J. West. Why Firms Adopt Open Source Platforms: A Grounded Theory Of Innovation And Standards Adoption


M. Nelson, M. Shaw. The Adoption And Diffusion Of Interorganizational System Standards And Process Innovations


V. Fomin. The Role Of Standards In The Information Infrastructure Development, Revisited


J. West. The Role Of Standards In The Creation And Use Of Information Systems


J. Nickerson, M. Zur Muehlen. Defending The Spirit Of The Web: Conflicts In The Internet Standards Process


P. Nielsen, O. Hanseth. Enabling An Operator-Independent Transaction Model For Mobile Phone Content Service Provision Through The Open CPA Standard


T. Lucy-Bouler, D. Morgenstern. Is Digital Medicine A Standards Nightmare?


K. Nelson, H. Nelson. The Need For A Strategic Ontology