Background: Open IT Strategies blog

Since 2007, I’ve been the author of the “Open IT Strategies” blog. This blog builds upon my industry, academic and journalism experience.

About the Blog

The central questions of the blog are:

Within this context, I comment on business developments, press coverage, academic research, and my own work — or anything else that strikes my fancy.

About Me

I’m a (tenured) Associate Professor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, at the San José State University College of Business. I’ve been here at SJSU and in Silicon Valley since 2002.

Before that, I spent the 1980s and 1990s as a third-party software developer (ISV) for two proprietary platforms. First, it was as a software engineer designing simulation software for the DEC’s VAX/VMS machines (1979-1986), and then later as the co-founder and president of an ISV for the Apple Macintosh. During this period, I also worked as a political reporter and computer trade magazine columnist.

Since I started down the academic path in 1994, I’ve been a researcher on how firms use “open”-ness as a competitive strategy in three major areas:

Since 2002 I’ve worked as a strategy consultant for high-tech companies, usually developing or refining business models related to open standards, open source and open innovation.

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