Joel West’s

Research on Computer Science

During his industry career, Joel published both research and “how to” articles related to computer science and computer programming topics.

Unofficial copies of the paper are available by clicking on the title of the paper. Official copies (where copyright permits) can be reached by clicking on the DOI or by browsing the issue date.

Computer Science

Joel West and Alasdar Mullarney, “ModSim: A Language for Distributed Simulation,” Proceedings of Distributed Simulation 1988, Society for Computer Simulation, 19, 3 (July 1988): 155-159.

Joel West, Object-Oriented Distributed Simulation, JPL Technical Report, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., 1985 (part of the JPL Time Warp research project).

Computer Programming Topics


Joel West, Programming with Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop, New York: Bantam Computer Books, 1987, ISBN: 0-55334436-6.

Book Reviews

Joel West, “Book Review: The World of Programming Languages,” Byte, June 1987.

Programming Articles


Other Articles

Joel West, “MacHack West,” MacTutor, 3, 12 (December 1987)

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