Standards and Standardization
Minitrack, HICSS-39

The minitrack on “Standards and Standardization” was part of the January 2006 HICSS-39 conference, held in Koloa in Kauai County, Hawaii.


Minitrack Chairs

Joel West
College of Business
San José State University
Rolf Wigand
Department of Information Science
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The minitrack is part of the Internet and the Digital Economy track, chaired by David King and Alan Dennis.


The session was held January 5, 2006. The program (excerpted from the HICSS-39 program) is listed below.

Standards and Standardization

Co-chairs: Joel West and Rolf Wigand

This minitrack considers the creation, adoption and impact of both compatibility and administrative standards. The domain includes both inter-organizational and intra-organizational standards and standardization efforts.


IN 22 Thursday

10:00 - 11:30 Boardroom

An Empirical Study of Standards Development for E-Businesses: A Social Network Perspective

Beomjin Choi, T.S. Raghu, and Ajay Vinze

Effects of IS Standardization on Business Process Performance: A Case in HR IS Company Standardization

Robert van Wessel, Pieter Ribbers, and Henk de Vries

Network Effects and Technology Licensing

Lihui Lin and Nalin Kulatilaka

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