Standards and Standardization
Minitrack, HICSS-38

The minitrack on “Standards and Standardization” was part of the January 2005 HICSS-38 conference, held in Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Minitrack Chairs

Joel West
College of Business
San José State University
Henk de Vries
Rotterdam School of Management
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

The minitrack is part of the Internet and the Digital Economy track, chaired by David King and Alan Dennis.


The sessions were held January 5, 2005. The program (excerpted from the HICSS-38 program) is listed below.

Standards and Standardization

Co-chairs: Henk de Vries and Joel West

This minitrack considers the creation, adoption and impact of both compatibility and administrative standards. The domain includes both inter-organizational and intra-organizational standards and standardization efforts.


IN 28 Wednesday

8:00-9:30 Queen’s 6

Impacts of Vertical IS Standards: The Case of the US Home Mortgage Industry†

Rolf T. Wigand, Charles W. Steinfield, and M. Lynne Markus

POSIX – Inside: A Case Study

Jim Isaak

The Standards Lens in IS Innovations – The Case of CPFR

Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr. and M. Lynne Markus 

†Nominated for best paper

IN 29 Wednesday

10:00-11:30 Queen’s 6

Social Shaping & Standardization: A Case Study from Auto Industry

Martina Gerst, Raluca Bunduchi, and Robin Williams

The Meaning of Open Standards

Ken Krechmer

Standards Setting Consortia: A Transaction Cost Perspective

Nitin Aggarwal and Eric Walden 

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