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Nontraditional Academics Committee

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This committee focuses on the issues of non-traditional academics (NTA) that are involved in entrepreneurship teaching and research. It is among the standing committees organized under the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management.


We focus on the concerns of academics that have non-traditional career backgrounds — whether in the period prior to their academic career (i.e., extensive industry/entrepreneurship experience) or in their choices of their academic careers. While there are other possible definitions of a “non-traditional” academic, this definition fits most closely the interest we have attracted from members of the Academy.

One of our major concerns is making sure that the field of entrepreneurship successfully integrates new NTAs, particularly Ph.D. students and junior faculty trying to reconcile their own knowledge and experience with the socialization of a doctoral program and their own career aspirations.

The division utilizes various opportunities to help division members self-identify with the NTA mission — whether as possible mentors or those seeking advice.


[LinkedIn]As of summer 2011, we have created a new NTA group on LinkedIn. The goal of the group is to build community by allowing NTAs to identify other members of the community, to enable discussion of issues facing NTAs, and to generally facilliate networking and collaboration. We encourage all entrepreneurship scholars who share our interests to join the group.


At the annual Academy meetings since 2000, committee has sponsored two preconference workshops and one panel discussion:


As of October 2011, the current committee members are:

The committee was chaired by Brian McKenzie of CSU East Bay from 2004-2007. From 2007-2011, the chair was Joel West of San José State.

Last updated November 8, 2011